Sunday, September 1, 2013


Walking shoes are different from street shoes or running shoes.  Designed specifically for walking, they are more rigid and offer greater support than running shoes, but they absorb less shock. To select walking shoes from the numerous brands available, you should know something about shoe construction.
 -  walking shoes are usually lighter in weight than street shoes, but heavier than running shoes
 -  if you have flat feet, you may need to consider additional support at the heel or midsole
When you buy shoes, tell the salesperson what your level of activity will be.  Try on shoes with the socks you would normally wear when walking.  The shoes should feel comfortable as you soon as you first try them on.
Try several styles to make sure you find your best fit.  Remember, the shoes must feel "friendly" on your feet immediately, there is no such thing as a breaking in period.

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