Sunday, April 29, 2018

Are Orthotics a "Bandaid"

Recently, while listening to a few minutes of a Mets game, the announcers were discussing a player who suffered from plantar fasitiis.  Although the player had orthotics, he didn't want to wear them because he considered them to be a "bandaid', and he wanted a more definative treatment.
I could not help but wonder if it was fully explained to this player how and why orthotics work in controlling heel or arch pain.  Plantar fasitiis is an inflammation of the deep soft tissue layer at the bottom of the foot.  This inflammation is caused by a biomechanical deficiency causing a lack of proper support to the foot.  A good orthotic will maintain the foot in a "neutral position" and support the plantar fascia to prevent the strain that causes the painful inflammation.
Wearing the orthotics will in time allow the deep inflammation to subside and prevent the condition from returning.  This would allow anyone, including the baseball player to resume normal activities without pain-including playing professional baseball.
A foot orthotic of course is no more a bandaid than corrective lenses are to a nearsighted person.  Furthermore, a good orthotic can prevent the condition from deteriorating into a chronic condition requiring surgery.  
If you are suffering from plantar fascitiis, call our office.  Orthotics are so much more than a "bandaid".

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