Sunday, July 29, 2018

Low Back Pain


If the foundation of a house is unsound, eventually the upper levels will collapse.  The same is true with the human body.  If one's foot structure is deficient, and there is insufficient support, muscles and tendons may strain to maintain the body in proper alignment.  Eventually, the muscles tire and the upper joints compensate; first the ankles, then the knees, hips and finally the lower back.
Low back pain can be caused by tightness and inflexibility of the muscles of the back of the leg.  This may be a result of the strain from poor foot support.  Low back spasms may result from tight muscle groups.

Exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles and stretch the lower back muscles are important.  But the pain may not resolve completely if the cause has not been recognized and addressed.
An orthotic or a high quality arch support should provide a good foundation to prevent muscle strain or upper joint pain.  This improved support may actually alleviate some types of low back pain.  If you suffer from low back pain, consider a good foot evaluation.

Evan Kelner, DPM

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