Monday, April 10, 2017

 Advanced Treatments in Wound Healing

 As our population ages, the prevalence of diabetes in on the increase.  One of the most worrisome consequences of diabetes is the formation of diabetic ulcers.  Many of us know someone who's life has been drastically changed by diabetic ulcers.

There are several reasons these ulcers develop, and that is why these wounds are so difficult to heal.  There are wound centers all over the country whose sole mission is to treat these dangerous wounds.
Over the years, many wound care treatments have come in and out of favor.  The newer treatments now focus at the cellular level.  Wound care products now include components of human umbilical cord, amnionic membrane, extracellular matrix, human growth factors and purified collagen matrix, just to name a few.  These newer treatment have saved many limbs and have prolonged lives.
Of course, the best way to combat diabetic ulcers is to prevent them.  Because of advanced treatments with a multi-disciplined team approach, treatments for diabetic and other wounds have never been better, and continue to improve.  If you are diabetic, and have not had a medical professional check your feet, do so soon.  If you believe you are developing a foot wound, see a podiatrist without delay.

Evan Kelner DPM

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