Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Location

     Hope everyone had a great holiday.  With the new year, many of us will face changes and new challenges.  For us, the year begins with the moving of our practice to a new location.  Our new address is:
                 1398 State Hwy. 35 South
                 Ocean, N.J. 07712
     To help us celebrate the opening of our new office, we are offering all new patients a complimentary bottle of Biofreeze (to help chase away last year's pain).  We look forward to a great new year.
                                                              Evan Kelner, DPM

Monday, October 29, 2012

Fungus Toenails

Tired of thick, discolored, crusty painful toenails?  So are most people.  In most cases this is due to a fungus.  The affecting fungus is normally the same fungus that causes athletes foot on the skin.  The skin fungus or athletes foot is often effectively treated with topical medications.  However,when the fungus gets in the toenails, it is difficult for the medications to penetrate into the cells that causes the fungus to grow within the nail.  Generally home remedies and over the counter medications have yielded disappointing outcomes.  Prescription topical medications have also shown limited results.  Oral medications have a success rate of about 50-70%, but for a small percentage of people, the medication can effect the liver enzymes.  Laser treatment has perhaps had the most successful outcomes with virtually no risk.  There is also a topical treatment available in some doctors offices that is both effective and believe it or not, has a money back guarantee.
So don't lose hope, there has never been a better opportunity to have healthy normal looking toenails.
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Welcome to my new blog!

In order to help everyone better understand their foot problems, I've decided to step into the world of blogging(!)  Foot pain is never normal.  Some conditions can be relieved quickly and easily, while some require more involved treatments.  Please feel free to contact me at my office or visit my website at  I will return your call as promptly as possible.  I look forward to hearing from you!