Monday, May 29, 2017

 Is That Mole Dangerous?

The most dreaded finding in a Podiatrist office is the detection of malignant skin lesions. There are a few different types of skin cancer, most with little chance of spreading or metastasizing. By far, the most dangerous kind of skin cancer is malignant melanoma.
Melanoma is believed to be caused by excessive sun exposure.  Unfortunately, this even includes exposure from decades before.
Although extremely rare in the foot, everyone should be aware of the signs of malignant melanoma.  Characteristics of a melanoma are lesions that have changed color, shape or size. Also, any lesion that has started bleeding for no apparent reason should be considered suspicious. Areas where this can occur are not always in plain site.  Be aware of changing lesions of the toenails or between the toes.
If something on the skin does not seem right or has changed, see a dermatologist, or a podiatrist, if it is on the foot.  The doctor will perform a skin biopsy, taking a small sample of the area, that will determine the nature of the lesion.
The best way to treat a melanoma is to detect it early.  Don't could save your life.
If you have a suspicious mole or lesion on your foot, please contact our office for an examination as soon as you can.

Evan Kelner, DPM