Saturday, December 14, 2013

Fall Prevention for the Elderly

During the past several decades, the elderly population in the United States has been steadily increasing.  This trend is expected to continue.  This continued growth will place burdens on the nations healthcare system.

For older people, falls present a serious risk of injury or even death.  Prevention of falls in older adults is a top health priority in the United States.
A comprehensive fall risk assessment and subsequent intervention to identify risks is an effective strategy to reduce falls in older people.  Traditional prevention programs have targeted muscle weakness of the legs, general balance improvements, medication intervention and environmental modifications.  Foot problems, however have been relatively neglected.  Footwear selection is important for older adults and could impact the risk of falling.  Use of non-slip socks can also be of value.  The use of custom made orthotics or insoles in the proper shoes also can provide significant improvement in regard to the prevention of falls.  Foot and ankle exercises that increase strength, flexibility, balance and functional ability are all valuable in the prevention of falls in older people.

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