Thursday, October 19, 2017

Visiting The Bata Shoe Museum

This past week while on vacation, my wife and I visited the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto, Canada.  As a podiatrist, I am acutely aware of the shoes my patients wear, so naturally, I thought a trip to the shoe museum would be an interesting diversion.
We were not disappointed.  The museum provided a rich account of, not only the various types of shoes worn around the world and through the ages, but also how footwear was influenced by culture, tradition, art, history, religion, the elements, and yes, style.  From practical to the improbable, the shoes from various regions and time periods provided great insight into their respective cultures.  Examples of displays ranged from primitive grass lined shoes, women's shoes of ancient China, waterproof seal intestine boots of Inuits, boots worn on the moon and platform shoes of rock stars from the 70's.
Although an interesting experience, my wife and I are both grateful to have been born in the time and place we were!

Evan Kelner DPM